Infrastructure and utilities

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Infrastructure and utilities

In most companies the focus lies on improving core processes. This involves investment in systems, processes and know-how. Yet because they are often regarded merely as cost factors, ancillary processes such as power generation, utilities, waste disposal, floor-space management, logistics and facility services are frequently neglected. This can have a subsequent impact on the company’s core processes, productivity and competitiveness in the medium-term.

Infrastructure operators that manage sites and property as a core business further develop the ancillary processes and create value added for themselves and the companies involved. This can be brought about, for example, by developing industrial estates and business parks, using synergies and economies of scale or by bringing in technological and business know-how. The planning, implementation, operation and financing of future-proof, decentralised energy concepts plays a pivotal role in this respect.

Decisive factors for a win-win situation are the appropriate conception, development and optimisation of the infrastructure operator, the various contract designs with all the users and the application of asset management methods.

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